Watch Yourself

Ive got tons of new summer music to share with you and it includes some up and comings bands and artists as well as some already established groups.

First up is the new band Sleigh Bells who just dropped their synth infused pop noise debut Treats on May 11, 2010. The band has already had critical acclaim, Rolling Stone did a write up on the band in their most recent issue and they have appeared on almost every list of bands to watch on the web. For a chance to experience this wild and weird duo in person check out the Pitchfork Festival on July 18 in Chicago, Illinois.

The Hood Internet are taking over computer around the country with their free mix tapes available on their website, Think GirlTalk goes indie for these guys. This fresh style of mash up music combines hip-hop and pop lyrics with indie and underground beats that are begging to be heard by the outside world. Although you may have never heard the music being played behind Michael Jacksons “Thriller” that doesn’t mean you wont love it. The Hood Internet have mixed and mashed everyone from Kanye and Modest Mouse for “Floating Paranoia” to Dead Prez and Grizzly Bear for ” Two Weeks of Hip Hop”, an epic hip-hop meets indie pop record.

Lissie is an up and coming soul singer from Rock Island, Illinois who has found fame through others. She burst onto the scene with her stripped down version of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Dont be fooled by the song though, this song bird knows how to take a song and make it her own. By the time the Gaga cover is over youll be seriously contemplating which version deserves top 40 status. Before dropping her debut album titled Catching a Tiger on June 21, Lissie caught more attention for a song she covered at a like concert in the UK. Lissie’s cover of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” reached viral status when it was posted on the music blog The Hype Machine. The song which has an accompanying video featuring rough footage of the live preformance similar to “Bad Romance” reached the top of the blogs most popular song chart in a matter of hours. Still interested? Check out why people cant stop buzzing about Lissie:


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