Columbia’s Own: Slippy LaRue

Recently named “Best Local Band of 2010” by MOVE magazine, Slippy LaRue are bringing a new sounds and a new groove to Columbia one shred at a time. Although they may seem like a new band, Slippy has been alive and jammin since 2007. The band made up of Andy Launder on the guitar, Brandon Sanborn on the bass, Devin Kemp on drums and recent addition Ryan David Curtis on keys released their first full length album, Sands in June.

Their most recent album is a fusion of electronic dance beats and  classic jam band style. Slippy combines such a wide variety of sounds and influences that often it is hard for them to categorize themselves. They continue to evolve their sound through jam sessions that result in potential songs. Live shows are a crucial element in Slippy’s creative process, much of the music they create is a result of experimentation during and leading up to their live shows.

The foursome came together based on musical similarities while all four members attended the University of Missouri, Brandon and Ryan are still undergraduate students. Slippy have played the obvious local venues, The Blue Note and Mojos, but they also take their show on the road whenever the opportunity arises. In the past 4 months the band has toured the country for several weeks at a time playing shows across the midwest in Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado and Kansas.

As new wave electronic bands of all styles and genres continue to make positive progressive leaps in the American music scene, Slippy LaRue continue to find fans across the country who appreciate their innovative sound and dynamic live show.

Dont Miss Slippy LaRue LIVE at The Blue Note on Saturday July, 10 for a FREE Concert!

To head some Slippy sounds visit them at


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