Changing the Music Game Online

Its called The Hype Machine and its revolutionizing the way millions of people get, find and explore music online. the concept is fairly basic and combines a number of features available on many sites on the internet.

Hype is a music blog at heart that seeks user interactivity to drive the good music to the front of the line and push the not so good out of the way. As songs are posted to the blog by various sources including bands, fans and music companies, listeners can show their love for the song by clicking a heart stamp next to the song. As songs gain more and more hearts they move up the popularity chart which can be viewed at any time. To keep things fresh a song can only remain on the chart for a certain length of time before it is retired as an archived link which can be accessed by utilizing the search option.

Users can also get a real time feed that shows what others are listening to at that vert moment. As music option continue to grow online, music websites like Hype that give the user complete control and easily allow them to find new bands and explore new talent are finding ways to edge out the competition. As online mediums advance and the forum for online music grows, sites like this will see users continue to utilize their easy to navigate and simple, yet brilliant, concept.

Check out The Hype Machine at


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