Utilizing New Technology to Explore Stories: Augmented Reality

USA Today is taking advantage of an exciting new technology called Augmented Reality that gives users a new experience for exploring content.

This is a big but necessary leap that newsrooms as large and capable as the one at USA Today need to be taking with content experimentation. Trial and error is the only way to find out if consumers will accept this new form of content. By experimenting with new technology that allows us to  share information in new ways we can perfect user experiences for various mediums and explore what is easily adopted among different audience segments. It will be interesting and exciting to see if they can make this work, to what degree it is functional and how much of their audience takes advantage of it.

This is just a small example of how newsrooms around the country are finding and exploring new ways of sharing content and engaging their audiences in the news they distribute. Augmented Reality has the potential to be a major player in dictating the way we share news in the future. Here are a few ways we can take advantage of this new experience.

Go here to get more information on how to use USA Today’s augmented reality content for this weekends Super Bowl coverage.


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