Does “The Daily” have potential?

Rupert Murdoch’s new app for the iPad could be the beginning of a huge journalistic shift that brings content to tablets and mobile devices. The Daily is the first publication to be offered exclusively on apples iPad tablet. Although the choice to make The Daily available only on the iPad may seem like a limit to audience reach, it is a huge development for mobile enthusiasts who are anticipating publishers that are willing to risk it all on tablets and other mobile devices being the primary form on news consumption in the future.

This application is likely to be the first of many like it that will provide multimedia content to mobile consumers around the world. The technology available on the iPad and other tablets makes it a no-brainer for publishers to utilize in getting news and information to users. GPS, video capabilities, social media connection, interactive graphics and user contribution are just a few of the elements publishers can integrate into their mobile content.

Here are is an example of what The Daily looks and feels like on the iPad.

What else is in the works out there and how can developers create an interactive and unique news experience using tablets like the iPad?

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