Updating the iPad – What to expect

I may have missed out on the opportunity to be an owner of the first and original iPad but I will not miss out again when the new iPad is announced on Wednesday March 2. Although Apple has not confirmed or denied that the iPad 2 is in fact being released at the upcoming event, that should come as no surprise to its millions of fans around the world. The tech giant is notoriously secretive and silent about the development and release of its products. However, all signs are pointing to the release of an updated iPad and possibly the new iOS 5 operating system.

There has been rampant speculation around the internet from EngadgetGizmodo and even Newsy.com. Some of these sites have stellar track records for predicting the new features on Apple’s various devices and computers. Based on all the speculation and predictions here is what i expect to see on the new iPad.

  • Slimmer and sleeker exterior design.
  • Front and rear facing cameras (The front is a lock, a back facing camera is still heavily debated. I expect to see two cameras.)
  • Similar/identical resolution and screen size.
  • An updated CPU (the new A5).
  • More RAM

Overall this should be a fairly subtle but necessary update to an already incredible device. The addition of the camera/cameras could should allow Apple to retain its grasp on the tablet market. As competitors like HP and Motorola release tablets touting two cameras and flash capabilities, Apple will have to step up its game and bring as many new updates to the iPad as possible to make it a viable product.


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