The Austin Advantage

Austin, Texas is leading the country in new job creation and it has been a hub for innovation and start up companies over the past few years. Recently, Austin was featured on the CBS nightly news for its impressive growth despite the national recession over the past few years. Mobile development has been one of the top forces driving job creation in the Austin area.

Mobile Development Firms like Mutual MobileProAce, Famigo, and Chaotic Moon are leading the industry in application development and could put Austin on the tech map for good. Chaotic Moon is responsible for the development and creation of The Daily, the first iPad exclusive news publication. Audi came to Mutual Mobile in Austin when they needed someone to create and launch an application for their customers. Beyond the traditional consumer mobile application, business to business apps are becoming significantly more popular among large corporations who are looking for simple and effective ways to streamline their everyday activities and functions.

The City of Austin Chamber of Commerce is persuading tech start ups to, “Ditch the valley and head for the hills” as Austin Startup puts its. Dave Porter at the Chamber of Commerce has been tasked with convincing larger companies and tech start ups like to relocate from the expensive and exclusive Silicone Valley in California to the beautiful state capitol of Texas. In order to give companies a motive for moving, the Chamber of Commerce is offering hiring incentives for any new job that is created by these companies.

If mobile development and device usage continues to explode like it has been and is expected to over the next few years, Austin could be positioned to take the title of the Mobile Silicone Valley. Austin provides a robust cultural scene that includes the most live music venues of any city in the world, the famous and notoriously fun Lake Travis, beautiful hill country that allows for a variety of outdoor activities and endless Tex-Mex food.


One response to “The Austin Advantage

  1. Thanks for the post. We’ve been looking for great talent everywhere we can find it. UT and the Austin tech scene keep a healthy flow, but we’ve also had employees move here from across the nation. Thankfully Austin is a nice lure, and we tap a lot of Austiny features as work perks…like free Car2Go to and from the office.

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