Get Gamified

Everything from news to upscale luxury fashion brands are applying gamification to their existing models in hopes of attracting new consumers. A recent post by the Gamification Blog explains how luxury brands like Dunhill are getting involved in the game space as a new method for marketing its products. As more and more brands experiment with games in their existing models, we will likely see brand awareness improve for companies that chose to branch out.

At the SXSW Interactive Festival one of the many topics discussed at length was the rapid gamification of various industries and areas that previously had no experience or presence in the gaming world. Christopher Cunningham had an interesting session on applying game mechanics to everyday functions and activities. Although I was unable to attend SXSW this year, trust me that wont happen again, I was able to attend a recent recap at the Reynolds Journalism Institute hosted by Anne Derryberry. Many of the panel members including Jen Reeves shared some interesting information regarding sessions, core topics discussed and of course awesome parties. At the center of all of this discussion was the rapid and unavoidable  gamification of our world. Everything from city governments looking for community involvement to shopping sites looking to attract consumers is finding success by adding game layers to existing models or industries.


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