Is Android the Best Platform?

The android platform is everything the iOS platform is not. It is not exclusive, open source and allows developers to utilize any features or style they prefer. Although it may have a larger reach because of its in-exclusivity, is it really a better platform?

Some users prefer the iPhones standardized, regulated an intuitive iOS platform. However, many developers claim that their creativity and ideas can be restricted by Apple’s strict developer guidelines. The Andoird platform, on the other hand, is open source and has few restrictions giving app developers total freedom. Users may be catching on, Android is set to take the lead in the US mobile market. Google’s platform has 33% of the mobile market share according to a report released by Comscore. The iOS platform is holding on to its share of the market with 25.2%. While the Android platform can be hosted on a variety of devices, iOS is limited to Apple’s iPhone which makes it more exclusive and harder to expand. It may not have the reach that Android does because of obvious growth limitations that restrict the platform to one device but the iOS platform still has the most quality content for mobile devices.

As Android continues to grow and expand its reach to more and more devices, it will be vital for Apple to competitively position itself in order to remain relevant and cutting edge. The experience users get on iOS devices versus Android devices may very now but as these platforms develop they will both be viable options for all smartphone users. Google has the power and resources to create one of the best mobile platforms it will just be a matter of time before they are able to trump Apples exclusive mobile content.


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