Blackberry’s Playbook: Just Another Tablet

Blackberry recently unveiled their entry for the tablet race of 2011. The Blackberry Playbook is different from other tablets in several key categories including size, shape and content. One of the primary concerns many critics have about this tablet is its lack of content including pivotal apps that other devices, like the iPad 2, would never ship without. The device also appears to be thicker in width than the iPad 2. As indicated by the Blackberry logo written on the bottom of the tablet, the device is meant to be held in the landscape orientation.
The major advantage other tablets have over the playbook is content. The iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace provide users with a variety of applications and these catalogues continue to grow everyday. Android will be playing catch-up with the app market and will need to have a built-in strategy if they plan to go toe to toe with Apple and Google.

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