What cloud-space means for the workplace

There is no doubt that major milestones are being reached in  areas like mobile development, digital content and platform innovation. Telecommuting has never been more viable. Mobile apps like Soonr allow users to work in any workspace they choose by giving them access to the necessary tools to manage projects and work in synch with others.

The Soonr app for the iPhone and iPad connects users with their documents, projects and coworkers to create a synced workspace in the cloud. The app allows access to documents on the users Mac or PC as well as sharing over the cloud from various devices and platforms. The ability to collaborate and stay up to date on projects no matter where you are or what device your on is priceless. The app synchs seamlessly and works like you hpe it would.

Soonr can notify those involved iwth a project or assignment via SMS message or email. Printing, faxing and document sharing are also offered through the service and help make the transition into the mobile project managment space easy. A free trial can be created that gives 2 users access to the Soonr service and  2GB of online storage.


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