Nintendo 3DS integrates Augmented Reality

This time instead of being utilized to show highlights from the Superbowl, augmented reality has finally been adopted my the gaming world.

The new Nintendo 3DS will not only take advantage of 3D technology, it will also integrate augmented reality in the form of small collectors cards. Each card displays a classic Nintendo game character and when viewed through the 3DS’s camera transforms into an augmented reality “game.” The cards are actually just 3D renditions of the characters with a preset actions and gestures. Heres a look at one of the AR cards in action:

Although the AR cards are a small step for game makers into this new area, they show promise for great things in the future.

How do you see Augmented Reality playing into journalism, gaming, mobile apps and advertising?


Geek Gift Guide

Although the typical shopping season for most gifts has been over for alittle over a month, my birthday is still a few weeks off. With plenty of time to imagine what I want for the greatest birthday ever, 22 years old, I am going to explore and share some of my top prospects.


This is the first truly wireless speaker system. Not only does the stainless steel brick speaker charge itself so it can retain cordless power, it also connects to your favorite devices using bluetooth technology. Since it utilizes bluetooth technology that means it can also be in synch with your mobile device for conference calls and speaker phone functionality. Not only does this small, sleek speaker have the ability to interact with all of your devices, it can also be easily transported and used anywhere while still packing a huge stereo punch. Still don’t get it? Check out this video.

Motorola Xoom

Motorola’s first tablet venture will also be the first device to utilize androids newest operating system, Anroid 3.0 Honeycomb. The tablet has huge potential and many critics see it as the first viable competition to the iPad that has been dominating the market since its release last April. The Xoom posses many features that will have Apple fanboys questioning their faith including a front and rear facing camera, HDMI-out and flash capability! I may be an Apple fan, but Motorola did a damn good job of convincing me to switch sides. Check out this video of the Xoom.

Scomber Mix Table

This portable DJ table will make anyone look like Daft Punk even if its your first time spinning. Do not be fooled though, this is not the newest version of the iMac. It is, however, the most stylish thing to happen to DJ equipment since Deadmau5.

Ping Pong Case

The case that needs little explanation and even less instruction. It looks cool AND doubles as a ping pong paddle? This company is doing something right!

A few other random, cool ideas:

iPad Case

Revolutionary Speakers

Water Bottle from the Future


Does “The Daily” have potential?

Rupert Murdoch’s new app for the iPad could be the beginning of a huge journalistic shift that brings content to tablets and mobile devices. The Daily is the first publication to be offered exclusively on apples iPad tablet. Although the choice to make The Daily available only on the iPad may seem like a limit to audience reach, it is a huge development for mobile enthusiasts who are anticipating publishers that are willing to risk it all on tablets and other mobile devices being the primary form on news consumption in the future.

This application is likely to be the first of many like it that will provide multimedia content to mobile consumers around the world. The technology available on the iPad and other tablets makes it a no-brainer for publishers to utilize in getting news and information to users. GPS, video capabilities, social media connection, interactive graphics and user contribution are just a few of the elements publishers can integrate into their mobile content.

Here are is an example of what The Daily looks and feels like on the iPad.

What else is in the works out there and how can developers create an interactive and unique news experience using tablets like the iPad?

Share thoughts or comments below!

Utilizing New Technology to Explore Stories: Augmented Reality

USA Today is taking advantage of an exciting new technology called Augmented Reality that gives users a new experience for exploring content.

This is a big but necessary leap that newsrooms as large and capable as the one at USA Today need to be taking with content experimentation. Trial and error is the only way to find out if consumers will accept this new form of content. By experimenting with new technology that allows us to  share information in new ways we can perfect user experiences for various mediums and explore what is easily adopted among different audience segments. It will be interesting and exciting to see if they can make this work, to what degree it is functional and how much of their audience takes advantage of it.

This is just a small example of how newsrooms around the country are finding and exploring new ways of sharing content and engaging their audiences in the news they distribute. Augmented Reality has the potential to be a major player in dictating the way we share news in the future. Here are a few ways we can take advantage of this new experience.

Go here to get more information on how to use USA Today’s augmented reality content for this weekends Super Bowl coverage.

Changing the Music Game Online

Its called The Hype Machine and its revolutionizing the way millions of people get, find and explore music online. the concept is fairly basic and combines a number of features available on many sites on the internet.

Hype is a music blog at heart that seeks user interactivity to drive the good music to the front of the line and push the not so good out of the way. As songs are posted to the blog by various sources including bands, fans and music companies, listeners can show their love for the song by clicking a heart stamp next to the song. As songs gain more and more hearts they move up the popularity chart which can be viewed at any time. To keep things fresh a song can only remain on the chart for a certain length of time before it is retired as an archived link which can be accessed by utilizing the search option.

Users can also get a real time feed that shows what others are listening to at that vert moment. As music option continue to grow online, music websites like Hype that give the user complete control and easily allow them to find new bands and explore new talent are finding ways to edge out the competition. As online mediums advance and the forum for online music grows, sites like this will see users continue to utilize their easy to navigate and simple, yet brilliant, concept.

Check out The Hype Machine at

A New Age for the Music Video

As music videos began to gain popularity, their primary platform was TV channels like MTV, VH1 and BET. As these channels continue to refocus their programming towards more viewer friendly options like “Jersey Shore” (a hint as to why I rarely, if ever, watch MTV) music videos have begun to find a new home and a new medium, the internet.

Gone are the days of bleeps, blurs and censored content. The internet has not only opened up a new forum for artists to express themselves through video, it has done so by also removing the sensors and limitations that broadcast television strapped on the music industry. Now, artists can express themselves in any way they feel necessary. Eryka Badu felt it necessary to strip down to nothing and roam the streets of downtown Dallas for her “Window Seat” music video. The video, which was filmed without permits or any warning to onlooking civilians, landed Badu in a legal bind. MIA also made headlines recently with the release of a uber-violent new mini movie for her third albums first single, Born Free. The video depicts a “Red” Holocaust and ends with a group of young men running through a field of land mines. Yes, the video shows everything and yes, it is extremely graphic and realistic. Jack Whites new “super-group” The Dead Weathers recently released the video for their new single “Treat Me Like Your Mother.” The video shows White and lead singer Alison Mosshart in a field essentially shooting each other with machine guns as they march towards each other. All the video does not appear to have a definitive meaning, the band recently confirmed that the video is only a small segment of a larger movie being produced based on their recent album.

In the MTV era videos pushed the broadcast limits of decency and sexuality. As videos move online to unregulated territory, new realms of possibility are being investigated. Artists like MIA have chosen to completely remove themselves from the visual aspect of their videos to use their music as a canvas for a truly authentic work of art.

Check out these awesomely graphic new videos:


Columbia Original: John Gurney