Geek Gift Guide

Although the typical shopping season for most gifts has been over for alittle over a month, my birthday is still a few weeks off. With plenty of time to imagine what I want for the greatest birthday ever, 22 years old, I am going to explore and share some of my top prospects.


This is the first truly wireless speaker system. Not only does the stainless steel brick speaker charge itself so it can retain cordless power, it also connects to your favorite devices using bluetooth technology. Since it utilizes bluetooth technology that means it can also be in synch with your mobile device for conference calls and speaker phone functionality. Not only does this small, sleek speaker have the ability to interact with all of your devices, it can also be easily transported and used anywhere while still packing a huge stereo punch. Still don’t get it? Check out this video.

Motorola Xoom

Motorola’s first tablet venture will also be the first device to utilize androids newest operating system, Anroid 3.0 Honeycomb. The tablet has huge potential and many critics see it as the first viable competition to the iPad that has been dominating the market since its release last April. The Xoom posses many features that will have Apple fanboys questioning their faith including a front and rear facing camera, HDMI-out and flash capability! I may be an Apple fan, but Motorola did a damn good job of convincing me to switch sides. Check out this video of the Xoom.

Scomber Mix Table

This portable DJ table will make anyone look like Daft Punk even if its your first time spinning. Do not be fooled though, this is not the newest version of the iMac. It is, however, the most stylish thing to happen to DJ equipment since Deadmau5.

Ping Pong Case

The case that needs little explanation and even less instruction. It looks cool AND doubles as a ping pong paddle? This company is doing something right!

A few other random, cool ideas:

iPad Case

Revolutionary Speakers

Water Bottle from the Future



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